Top Ten Cake Artist in the world

Top Ten Cake Artist in the world

Ever so often something unusual happens in life. Isn’t it? I mean so unusual that you really wanna pinch yourself and say – hey wake up! it’s just a dream.

Top 10 cake artist of the world

Well something like this happen to me this morning! All of a sudden I had so many massages on my Facebook page and so may new fans! Yes, despite the million fans on my Facebook I still do see when there is a sudden burst.

So what was the commotion? Well you wouldn’t believe it? I didn’t either! Apparently I am was picked up as one of the Top Ten Cake Artist in the world? Yes! How crazy is that? This honor was by a website called Top Teny. And of course they have their own list of many top tens in the world. Such as cake artist, creative artist, painters, etc.

So this was the Top Ten Cake Artist in the world – if you do click on the link you will have to scroll right to the bottom because I am on number one.

Honestly, if I have to compare? I wouldn’t put myself in the top 50 cake artist of the world. I have so many cake idols that I feel I am at the absolute bottom but it was nice and truly an honor to feel so amazing today.

A big thank you to Top Teny for this honor

A summery Tree Stump inspired wedding that showcases the blue clouds and green pastures, the white of purity; all perched on a tree stump cake. A unique but gorgeous creation by Veena Azmanov of Veena's Art of Cakes TealVioletCabbageRoseCake (1)

Charlie and the Peanut Friends is such a fun and vibrant cake with lovely summery colors, so beautifully done by Veena Azmanov of Veenas Art of Cakes
Charlie and the Peanut Friends
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