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  1.   Dear Veena I am very particular about cakes and buttercream  I was ecstatic with not only the taste of the cake but I absolutely loved the design. I took pictures that I will forward to you asap. Again, everyone loved the cake and most of them never even had buttercream before. I am so happy I found you to get the cake from. Thank you, Janelle Dear Veena, The cake was amazing everyone loved it so much and it made it there perfectly!! Thank you so much for a great job and I hope that we will eat your cakes again. Best!! – David
    David and Jenelle
    Pink Buttercream Rose Petal Cake
  2. This cake was ordered by me for my friend. And the horse cake made by you was the most unique and perfect detailed cake that kept everyone with their mouths open. It was super extraordinary. Beyond my expectation. Thanks a lot for making it in such a short notice and still so perfect. Hats off to you! Gabby Quotes
    Gabriella Kelly

    “Horse Cake

  3. It was a blast! My dad is still excited about the surprise, the cake was wonderful! Everyone loved it! I posted a picture on my FB profile Message on Facebook – The cake was the highlight of the party! Everyone loved it and loved eating it! The kids especially likes eating the fish… Thanks Veena 🙂 Quotes
    Erez Figlash
    “Crossword & Fishing Cake 60th Birthday

    4. This cake was the best cake i could ever think of! full of taste, absolutely marvelous in details and a one of a kind! thank you veena for making it just perfect! 14th October 2011 Quotes

    Amani Levi
    iPhone with Facebook Screen cake

    5. Veena made my graduation cake. It was the Shoe Box cake that she made. The cake was very delicious and I enjoyed it very much. I’m almost too embarassed to say that before she put the shoe on the cake I actually thoguth it ws a real box. I can honeslty say the cake was on the better cakes I’ve ever eaten. 21July 2010 Quotes

    Zohar, Ra’anana, Israel

    Shoe Box Cake with Gumpaste Heel Shoe

    6. The only cake my 4 year old son wanted for his birthday was a red dinosaur cake. Luckily Veena fullfilled his wishes. The cake was a huge success. Everyone was amassed of how good it looked and even more important of how good it tasted. Thank you I’m sure that in January I will ask you to prepare my second sons cake. Efrat 23rd August 2010 Quotes

    Efrat Mazan, Ra’anana Israel,
    Dinosaur Cake

    7. The cake was an absolutely lovely surprise, different than anyting i expected. My oldest son, Nadav, who is usually a picky eater, couldn’t stop raving about how absolutely delicious it was. I couldn’t stop eating it the next day! Loved the height of the cake, the number spaklers Inbal had on the cake too! I liked that you had a drawing of how it should be cut but they didn’t do that in advance. It looked gorgeous. I love sunflowers fondly and thanks a lot for being so reliable and genlty and polite and fairly prices with my daughter Ibal and husband Avner. Yadida 30th March 2011 Quotes

    Yedida Bernstein Goren, Sfar Saba, Israel
    Sunflower Cake

    8. Hello Veena, Thank you so much for the beautiful cupcakes you made for my twins birthday. Pink and Blue decorations with a special monkey cupcake for my son and a Cinderella one for my daugher. They were over the moon! I’m not a big fan of sweets but loved the fresh and natural taste of your cupcakes. Everyone wanted to know where to get more by the end of the party! Alexandra 17th Mar 2011 Quotes

    Alexandra Rafaeli, Ra’anana, Israel
    Birthday Cupcakes

    9. Veena made the best Castle Cake ever for my 5 year old twin girls. Everyone was absolutely impressed and the girls could not believe it. Everything was AMAZING! Great taste too! Kids were amazed and parents impressed. I soon had another order of cakes for the girls’ b-day party at the Gan, and this time, Veena made the most beautiful butterflies. Very original and artistic. I highly recommend Veena!, Nicole Quotes

    Nicole Hod, Ra’anana, Isreal,
    Castle Cake, Butterfly cake

    10. The cake ws unbelievable!! In a very spontaneous decision I decided to visit for the last time toward my release from the army to go to the Golan Heights to visit my soldiers and I needed a cake SOS! My mom called Veena and in two hours that beautiful cake was at my home. Everybody was amazed. It was a huge success. Thank you very much, you saved me Veena:) Yael 8th Spet 2011 Quotes

    Yael, Koren, Ra’anana, Israel
    Cannon Cake – Army Cake

    11. Recently Veena made two birthday cakes for my son (soccerball and Messi Shirt) not only did they look amazing, they also tasted very good. I can only recommend her!! 29th Sept 2011 Quotes

    FC Barcelona T-Shirt & Soccer Ball Cake

    12. It was amazing! Everybody was so impressed and a bunch of people asked about you. And tasted outstanding. I actually enjoyed the fondant. Thanks again.  Danielle Smith

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