Our Policy

Your payment received means ‘You agree to the following’

  • You are aware that our cakes are not Kosher certified.
  • All orders are accepted on a first come first serve basis. We are limited on the number of orders we accept.
    Order acceptance is confirmed only when we receive a token amount or deposit for your cake.  Please note an email conversation does not save your date.
  • We reserve the right to return your deposit in full and cancel your order at any time.
  • All deposits are non-refundable. If your order is cancelled one week before your event we will give you credit for a future cake within six to eight months. There will be no credit for cancellations made less than one week.
    The price of sugar flowers or figures done for your cake in advance will be deducted from your deposit.
  • You agree to make the balance payment as per schedule. Any payment not received will automatically cancel your order.
  •  Our products may contain or come in contact with Milk, nuts, soya or other allergens. You agree to notify your guest of this risk and hold us harmless from any allergic reactions.
  • All cakes are made by hand and therefore variate from the original design, but still in keeping with the theme, style and color of your event.
  • Due to copyright reasons we do not duplicate cakes made by other cake decorators. We do still use them to inspire and create new designs and customize your cakes.
  • It is not possible for us to create an exact specification when modelling food, but just a graphical representation. We will produce a simple design sketch for your cake at our consultation and follow it as closely as possible.
  • If an inscription, color or any other choice is left unselected or undecided on your order then we reserve the right to use our own discretion.
  •  Please check you order thoroughly before payment.
  • For be-spoke cakes, We can only create the finished cake from what  we interpret based on the wordings of our consultation or email or phone discussions.
  • When you collect your cake you assume all liability & responsibility for the condition of the cake as soon as it leaves the possession of ‘Veena’s Art of Cakes’.  Any damage to the cake set up while in your possession is not our responsibility.
  • Should you choose to transport the cake by a taxi service, you take responsibility to co-ordinate with him, assist him at arrival, pay him at deliver and ensure you do not keep him waiting. You are responsible if a taxi drive kept waiting charges extra for waiting and may refuse to deliver your cake.
  • We do photograph our cakes and reserve the right to use any photo for display or promotion without any compensation to you.

Thank You
Veena Azmanov

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