Payment and Delivery

Payment and Delivery


We accept orders as early as 6 months in advance.
All orders must be made minimum 3 weeks in advance.
An Order is confirmed only after payment has been made for the cake in full. No payment made  is order cancelled.


We accept payment by PayPal, Checks or Cash.
All checks must be made in the name of Veena Azmanov and must reach two weeks before the cake is due.
Please note : PayPal charges a transaction free of 5%. hence all payments made by PayPal incur an additional transaction fee –  3%  to the customer and 2% to Veena Azmanov.

Please specify cake order

Pick-up and Delivery

All cakes are to be picked up by the customer at a designated time from our address
24 Hayovel Street, Ra’anana.
Please call on 054 7761980  or 09 7465894 to schedule pickup time

Delivery by Taxi

In case a customer is unable to pick up the cake, the cake can be delivered by a trusted Taxi driver. However this has to be pre-arranged and confirmed in advance.
The taxi charges and delivery service is determined by the Taxi driver and has to be paid in advance. The taxi charges are not fixed and depend on the address as well as time of delivery. For example – A cake delivered to Tel-Aviv can cost between NIS 150 to NIS 190 depending on the location in Tel Aviv as well as the time of the delivery.
The Taxi driver takes advance payment; so that needs to be added to your cake price – we will pay the driver when he comes to pick up the cake for delivery.


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