Conflating Visions interviews Veena Azmanov

Conflating Visions interviews Veena Azmanov

Conflating Visions interviews Veena Azmanov

A lovely lady from this website called Conflating Visions contacted me requesting for an interview. It is truly humbling to know sometimes that the little things you do in life can make a difference. It was an absolute honor to be interviewed and featured on their website.

About Conflating Visions

The creators of this website Conflating Vision believe.  What makes a person different from a leader is their approach towards a particular problem. What a common man can see today a leader would visualize much ahead of time. This unique vision makes them the master of any trade; be it sports, business, creativity, politics, management or anything else. It is this unique quality that creates the whole difference.

This very idea of conglomerating all these ideas, visions, and giving them a common platform so that those journeys may ease someone’s path towards success is the idea behind creation of Conflating Visions.  The website believes a big move starts with small steps.

Conflating Visions interviews Veena Azmanov

My interviews is titled –
The inspiring story behind Veena Azmanov’s baking venture Veena’s Art of Cakes.  You can read the full article on their website here Veena Azmanov / Veena’s Art of Cakes 

  1. Hi – Nice to have you in this session at conflating Visions. Please tell us a few lines about your and your co-founder(s)
    My name is Veena and I am the face behind Veena’s Art of Cakes. About five years ago I decided to make my hobby of baking and decorating cakes a profession. The best decision I ever made.
    I love creating new recipes and creating new cake designs. Being self- taught this has been a fun and adventurous journey so far with lots of success and failures.
  2. Please introduce Veena’s Art of cakes to our readers
    Veena’s Art of Cakes is a small home based business. I usually take only two wedding cakes or three celebration cakes a week so I can give my kids the attention they need. I love sharing and helping new and upcoming cake decorators like myself with recipes; cake tutorials, business tips via my blog which has got me more popularity over these years.

  3. What motivated you to choose a career in this field?
    I’ve loved cooking, baking from a very early age. I was lucky to be born into a family of talented women like my mom who taught me how to bake and appreciate delicious homemade goodies very early.
    Five year ago while cake decorating was a new adventure; baking was my forte; I loved creating new recipes all the time.
    Five years ago I was hooked on watching cake decorating on you tube all the time. I’d wait for a family member to have a birthday so I could gift them a cake.
    This led to me thinking – if I loved it so much I must do something about it. Hence the decision to take my passion to the next level and do it professionally.Conflating Visions interviews Veena Azmanov of Veenas Art of Cakes for their series Inspiring story baking adventure by Veena Azmanov

  4. How important is creativity in baking? In what ways are your products creative?
    Being creative is important in all professions or business. Your creativity is what sets you apart from your competitors. It’s what makes you stand out in the crowd.
    I look for ways to create a design that is unique to my customers in every special way from creative flavors in the cake taste as well as creative designs that are unique to every person. No two cakes in my portfolio are the same because each and every one is made to order.
  5. .Conflating Visions interviews Veena Azmanov of Veenas Art of Cakes for their series Inspiring story baking adventure by Veena Azmanov
  6. Challenges
  7. What are the present challenges in this business?
    Like all businesses we face a few challenges too – one of my primary challenges is investing into growing my business while still staying within my budget.
  8. How big is you customer base?
    Veena’s Art of Cakes is a small home based business where most of our business comes by word of mouth or previous customer recommendations. Being based in Israel our local customer base is relatively small. We have gained a large number of followers on Social Media who love what we do and love to learn from us.

    Future Plans
  9. What are your future plans for growth?
    I do hope that in future I will have the time and resources to grow Veena’s Art of Cakes into a high end Cake Boutique / Studio that will specialize in creating and teaching Wedding Cake and Sugar Flowers.
  10. Your advice to those who want to take up baking as a profession.
    Cake decorating is an Art and like any artist we do it for the love. Cake decorating can be time consuming and you will find that you put in a lot more time than you planned on a cake. Often the pay check does not really justify the time put in but we do it anyways.
    We do it for the passion!
    The rewards you get are often just the happy responses you get from people who admire your art.
    Conflating Visions interviews Veena Azmanov of Veenas Art of Cakes for their series Inspiring story baking adventure by Veena Azmanov

  11. And, one final question of this session, if you had one wish….
    Well I have a lot on my wish list but if I had just one to pick I’d say to spend more time on my art – creating, learning as well as teaching. I wish I can continue to do what I love and continue sharing this love with more people like I do on my blog and social media right now.

Well, that was a little about me in the interview. what do you think about my views, thoughts and  plans. Would love to hear your thoughts.


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