About our Cakes

About our Cakes

 We want our cakes to taste as good as they look.

We truly love what we do and take pride in creating cakes that taste as amazing as they look.

Each cake is baked fresh from scratch. Our attention to details is impeccable and our work is immaculate so that every cake we create is a delicious work of art.

No cake box-mixes or frozen cakes made in advance. To compliment our fresh cakes we use premium quality fondant/sugar paste.


Kosher Requirements:

Since we work out of a home kitchen, we do not have a kosher certificate. We try to ensure all ingredients are Kosher by buying them locally, however,  we cannot certify the cake as kosher.
For those concerned – we do use a separate oven only to bake our cakes, we use designated pot and pans that are dedicated only for the purpose of cake decorating.

We understand that some of  our customers as well as friends are disappointed that they are unable to taste our delicious creations due to Kosher requirements. However, we apologies that we do not currently intend to obtain any such certification.

Parve Requirements:

We do offer Parve Cakes on request. Please browse through our flavors and see the selection we have to offer.
Please note unless requested Parve; all our cakes are made with Butter and creams. Therefore; please do let us know at the time of placing your order.


Collaboration cakes of 2015-2

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